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Software Localization

We have a wide experience of the software localisation, mostly of the industrial equipment, in which the menu, interface and Help are in the Russian language. Recently, we have also carried out a number of translations for the localization of software for Apple iPhones and iPads.

Lokalization PC Software

For standard software localisation we work mainly with such software as Passolo, SDL Trados, Across or Star Transit, as well as with the software supplied by the customer. We often translate the files with the text documents prepared by our customers or with Excel and RTF files.

Our wide experience in the software localisation guarantees our customers that due to their frequent work with the text overflowed with tags and special symbols and characters, our translators already know in the process of translation how this or that message or menu command will look in the final version.

Microsoft terminology only

While translating standard Windows-based applications, we are strictly guided by the official Microsoft terminology. By the customer's request, all translations are tested on the computers where the Russian version of Windows is installed.


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