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Russian medicine translations

Suddenly we are doing more medical translations into Russian this year than in all previous years. Fortunately, we thought of this years ago and put together a team of medical translators. Now we can properly use our medical translators.

The coronavirus determines our life

The reason is known to everyone: the corona crisis hit us all. We are now translating brochures, leaflets, and news updates for the websites for our European customers who have Russian-speaking staff on their teams. Practically every company has made sure to give their employees thorough advice on this. Of course, with our help.

There are other diseases besides coronavirus

Regardless of this, we receive numerous orders from pharmaceutical companies starting production in Russia. Whether for tests or production, our translators are always ready to translate German-Russian, English-Russian, Russian-German and Russian-English. We continue with translations for the manufacturers of medical technology, namely proton therapy.

We translate in the following medical fields

- surgery
- dermatology
- dentistry
- diabetology
- endocrinology
- gastroenterology
- Forensic Medicine
- health care
- gynecology
- Ear, nose and throat medicine
- hygiene
- implantology
- cardiology
- orthodontics
- Materials science
- neurology
- nuclear medicine
- oncology
- ophthalmology
- orthopedics
- psychiatry
- pediatrics
- radiology
- rheumatology
- Sports medicine
- stomatology
- toxicology
- urology

Medical translations from Russian into German and English carried out by our Russian doctors are also praised as impeccable by German and other European doctors.

Doctors as Russian translators

Some customers ask us, sometimes concerned (and rightly so): why do doctors translate for us? Unfortunately we have to admit that the profession of a doctor is not paid as well in Russia as in many other countries. This extra income as a translator helps our high-class specialists to pay for their knowledge well. Nevertheless, they do not give up their full-time job.



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Russian medicine translations
Suddenly we are doing more medical translations into Russian this year than in all...


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