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Languages pairs

Our translation agency does not translate all the languagees pairs in the world. We offer you these language pairs only, which are most popular for our customers.

Which languages we translate

Language pair   Price for Word, Euro
Deutsch-Bulgarian   0,12
English-Bulgarian   0,12
German-Estonian   0,13
English-Estonian   0,13
German-Latvian   0,12
English-Latvian   0,12
German-Lithuanian   0,12
English-Lithuanian   0,12
German-Polish   0,11
English-Polish   0,11
German-Russian   0,10
English-Russian   0,09
Russian-German   0,13
Russian-English   0,13
German-Romanian   0,11
English-Romanian   0,11
German-Slovak   0,11
English-Slovak   0,11
German-Czech   0,11
English-Czech   0,11
German-Turkish   0,13
English-Turkish   0,13
German-Hungarian   0,11
English-Hungarian   0,12

Other language pairs come soon

Our agency offers you soon still more languages for your technical and other translations. We do not stay in Europe only, we offer Asia language too: Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


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