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Technical translations for Europe

We specialize in high-quality professional technical translations, mostly from English and from German into other european languages. We work not only with Microsoft Office but also with other software like Autocad, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker and QuarkXPress, which is popular among the experts. Just that very software is used by the professionals when writing technical documentation. We use actively CAT-systems (SDL Trados and other software).

Our organisation

We are a translation agency where the translators and projects managers are employees, i.e. we are not the agency selling and buying translation services, we translate ourselves. Our headquarters are in Germany and in Russia (Moscow). All our european and non-european customers, all large and medium-sized companies, engineering and other companies, large or small translation agencies from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and USA appreciate our capability. We allways deliver every translation quickly and reliably in the best quality and in every imaginable format.


Both our employees and the freelancers who translate only into their native languages are the certified specialists only, their average experience makes from 10 to 25 years.

Projects managers are the key link between the customer and the translator, they prepare the projects and check the quality of translations. Thanks to it, they know all the work in details. They follow up your projects and even many years after completion of the work they remain your curators.

Our customers

Customers are not only the companies from the list of 100 leading companies of the world but also numerous smaller enterprises and organisations from European countries, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as from the USA.

Representative office in Germany: its task is following up the projects for the customers from Europe.

from 0.10 euros/word when translating from German
from 0.09 euros/word when translating from English 

Payment: within 30 days after issuing an invoice to our bank account in Germany. 

Our translation agency is one, which was able to consolidate its position on the European market and in the German-speaking countries in particular. This has happened, in no small measure, thanks to our narrow specialisation on technical translations.

Technical translation from Techtrans24 means the best quality at low prices.

Contact for our customers from Europe: west@techtrans24.com
Tel. in Germany: +49 (202) 26480015


New customers from USA
Yes, we get our first customer from the United States
Our new website
We have updated our website


April 2019
Documentation for a new plant in Russia
March 2019
English into Russian medical engineering translations
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